Iowa’s Best Homeowner Insurance Companies

With its landscapes of rolling plains and cornfields, Iowa has a pleasant surrounding to live yet it has unpredictable weather. The place has a harsh weather that creates an increased risk of property damage due to hazards like flooding and frozen pipes. With this in mind, premiums rise and fall its rates based on numerous factors, including home’s geography, age, and construction materials.

It is crucial to protect your home against unexpected damages with the right insurance policy. Finding the best home insurance is important considering that you’re investing for your protection. Iowa’s average rate of premiums for home insurance is $919 per year, compared to $1,173 nationwide.

Iowa’s Best Home Insurance Provider

State Farm

State Farm offers affordable, customizable coverage options for any type of living situation. A great choice for single-family homes, condos, farms/ ranches, and manufactured homes. On their standard policy, the company also extends add-on options in order to protect against personal injury and liability. In addition, State Farm also offers quite a few discounts that are particularly beneficial for Iowans who are looking for protection for their homes from hail damage.


Nationwide was among the top home insurance providers. It goes the extra mile to provide homeowners an excellent coverage and customer services, in particular. The company also provides policyholders with a free On Your Side review, which keeps the customers educated on specific policy and helps you to choose the right coverage that suits your budget and home.

Discounts include a 30% off based on the age of your home, 20% for bundling auto and home insurance policies. 15% for installing protective devices, and 5% for just being married. The company also has their unique option the Brand New Belongings policy, which gives you refunds to replace your damaged personal property.


Allstate home insurance provider offers flexible options with multiple discounts. Company’s standard policy supplemented with an add-on coverage just to meet your specific needs. In addition, Allstate has other specialty options which give you the assurance that your policy won’t go up just because you file a claim. Allstate also offers 30% multiple discount opportunities such as bundling your insurance policies, installing protective devices, ensuring a recently renovated home, and signing up for automatic payments.

Iowa Farm Bureau

A small regional home insurance providers that have limited information when it comes to its financial strength and customer service experience. For non-farmer, there will be a small annual fee for membership that costs $40 depending on the location. Moreover, Iowa Farm Bureau offers this endorsement residential equipment insurance, which covers mechanical failure for appliances. Because of that endorsement, the home insurance providers made it stands out.

Iowa has 159 cities across the state. The residents need to keep in mind that flood insurance is not included in a standard policy. Getting a home insurance is a backup plan for certain disasters and more. The policies of each home insurance providers are all customizable and affordable or may even qualify for a home insurance discount. Review each and every home insurance providers coverage options that may fit your budget and situation.