Role Of Fire Cape In Fight Caves

TzTok-Jad, commonly known as Jad, are the monsters that are strong in the Old School RuneScape. Players get a reward called fire cape, for defeating this monster, TzTok-Jad in the fight caves. It is the second best Melee Cape in the game considering the infernal cape, a superior variant awarded for completing the Inferno. Players can buy fire cape from various reliable websites.

What Is A Fire Cape

A fire cape is a kind of gift that is obtained by defeating one of the solid monsters in Old School RuneScape, called, TzTok-Jad in fight caves. The Tzhaar fight caves are located underneath the Karamja volcano. The easiest way of getting Karmaja is to teleport by using a charm and moving to north to enter the volcano. With its +4 strength bonus and +11 defensive stats, it is the one of the best Melee Cape in the game. These fire capes can be stocked up on a cape rack in the costume room of a player house. Players can also sell their cape to TzHaar-Mej-Jal if they wish to. And it is sold in a currency called Tokkul created by Mor UI Rek, TzHaar city located beneath the volcano on Karamja. Tokkul cannot be created by players and is made from obsidian. Continue reading

Mu Online Private Server: Rise and Rise of Online Gaming

On one fine day, mankind received the most awaited gifts from itself – Cell phone and Internet. Ever since it has touched every human aspect. Now there are more than 2 billion active cell phone users across the globe and numbers are rising every day. Entertainment in the form of video games, online games also found their ways in the cell phone. And gaming is a billion dollar industry.

One such platform is mu online private server. As the name suggests it is an online gaming server that can be accessed from phone or laptop anywhere from the world.

What is an online server-based gaming?

Online server-based gaming means video games that are played on the internet and the progress saved entirely on reliable and secure server eliminating the need of disk storage on PC or mobile. Continue reading